JJ & Dre -- Chicago Rock & Roll with Soul

One year in the making, JJ & Dre’s self-titled album lands a huge punch with a velvet
touch. Marching in tight formation towards the bigger stages and the wider
audience they’ve long deserved, this album swings boldly across genres without
compromising the “Rock and Soul” sound loyal fans love.

Those familiar with the personalities in this band will appreciate the way the stage has been set here,
designed as one complete listen, a fully-realized 2 sided album, JJ & Dre is the truest
portrait of the band to date.

JJ & Dre opens in a smoky back room with “Anchors,” a confident vocal volley between brilliant lead vocalist Andrea Dotoli and the band’s
gifted keyboardist, Eric Allen, and closes at the top of the bleachers with the
anthemic “Dying on the Vine,” guided with Southern swagger by lead guitarist Jason

The love and hard work that this six piece has poured into this album is
evident from the start; the mix is better than clean, buffed to a high shine, and there
isn’t a note out of place.