This Saturday (February 18th) - The Beat Kitchen

Saint Valentine’s Day can fill your lovin’ cup or have you humming 50 ways to leave your lover.   How about a date you can count on?  Come out to the Beat Kitchen this weekend and get intimate with JJ&Dre!   We’ve got something for everyone, the very best of “Rock and Roll with Midwest Soul.”  Grounded by stellar songwriting, and elevated by our powerhouse lead-vocalist Andrea Dotoli, we've got you on everything from shredding guitars, to bring-down-the-house covers and slow-dance romances.  Did we mention we’re fresh out of the studio from work on our 4th album, and hot and ready to satisfy a crowd?  What better way to get to know us better than to come down!  Grab some grub off the revamped menu (smoked chicken pizza? That’s a yes.) and close out this year’s Dunn Dunn Fest in support of our friends The Steepwater Band, who will ALSO be introducing some new tunes.  Believe us when we say, THIS is the one-night-stand that will turn into something more.